I decided I wanted to become a certified barre instructor after I realized how obsessed I was with taking barre at my local gym. I grew up dancing, was an avid fitness goer, so I thought it would be a perfect side hustle for me. I asked the barre teacher at the gym where she got certified, where she suggests getting barre certified, and how long it takes. She went through American Barre Technique and highly recommended them.


I chose American Barre Technique because it was really convenient to complete the entire course from home and at my own pace. The American Barre Technique online barre certification was perfect for me and I felt overly prepared to start teaching. As soon as I passed the certification, I got hired at my gym to teach barre and started teaching within one week of getting barre certified. Since the day I started teaching barre to now my classes have been packed full and it is the best feeling in the world. I absolutely love teaching barre and highly recommend anyone who wants to teach barre to go through American Barre Technique. 

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10 thoughts on “Where to get your Barre Certification| Barre Certification Review

  1. Thank you for posting your review. I have been thinking about getting barre certified but wasn’t sure where to start. I’ve heard great things about American Barre Technique and am going to enroll in the online certification. Thank you and wish me luck!

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  2. American Barre Technique is the best online barre certification. I passed it about a year ago. I have my own barre studio now and give so much credit to the knowledge I gained from the ABT certification.

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  3. Thank you for writing your review. I’ve considered becoming a barre teacher and wasn’t sure how to go about it, so thank you for giving info about american barre technique. I’m gonna go check them out! I’d really like to chat with you about teaching barre, so I can get a better idea if it’s for me. Thanks again!

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  4. I appreciate your review. I went with American Barre Technique for my barre certification and barre education providers for not only myself but for all my instructors. I love ABT and I give them my highest recommendation. For those who are thinking about becoming a barre teacher and are not sure where to get barre certified, go with American barre technique Their online barre teacher courses are so convenient, my instructors like how they can study at their own pace, and my students really like the classes. I’m a big ABT supporter and think they are the best!

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    1. Thank you Roxanne for expressing your love for American Barre Technique. Getting barre certified with ABT was one of the best decisions I made for my fitness career. I would love to come take an ABT barre class at your studio one day! Where are you located? I will PM you


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